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Top Most Beautiful Arab Women

10- Hoda Fadel

She is a Lebanese model and TV host as well. She has appeared in several modeling campaigns and advertisements for various brands. Ghazl El Banat was the show hosted by her that made her popular host around the state. Cuteness and prettiness of hers add her in the list of most beautiful Arab women in the world.



9- Yamila Diaz-Rahi

The next Argentine model in the list has Spanish and Lebanese origin as her father is Lebanese and her mother is Spanish. She has worked with Milan in start of her career. She didn’t take much time to design her iconic profile worldwide. She worked for renowned magazines like Maxim,Glamour, Shape and GQ standing in the list of most beautiful Arab women.



8- Jenna Dewa

The American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan is another beautiful Arab woman in the list whose father is Lebanese. Her career started as backup dancer and later appeared for Pink, Missy Elliott, and Christina Aguilera while she is best recognized for her film Step Up. Jenna has played key roles in various NBC and her performances have grabbed the attention of many.




7- Diana Joseph Fouad Haddad

One of the well-known Arabic personalities better known as Diana Haddad, remained so successful since her first music album titled Saken in 1996. That was one of the best-selling albums of the year. She became most-wanted Arabic pop musicians all around the Arab World. Here she stands seventh in the list of most beautiful Arab women.

Diana Joseph Fouad Haddad

6- May Hariri

The Lebanese pop artist and actress is among the most beautiful Arab women in the world because of her cuteness and attractiveness. She introduced her wild and sizzling beauty in Arab world by her first music video. She performed in number of thriving festivals and tours. She proved herself as one of top Lebanese singer.



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5- Haifa Wehbe

She is a prominent Lebanese actress and a singer, popularly known as Miss South Lebanon, a title she received when she was 16. She started her acting career with in the 2008 Pepsi-produced film Sea of Stars. She received several awards during her career. Her bundle of sizzles marks her fifth in the list of most beautiful Arab women.

Haifa Wehbe

4- Nancy Ajram

Beirut born celebrity Nancy Ajram appeared as multi-platinum artist. She is one of the finest Lebanese singer. Launched her first album at the age of 15 in assistance with her father. Perfect performer as well bundle of beauty marks Nancy in the list of most beautiful Arab women I the world.



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3- Karima Adebibe

She is a British model with Arabian descent. She is a hot and seductive model born in London England. She appears gorgeous with her beautiful figure. She has performed numerous stage performances. She learnt martial arts too. Karima is the not only the most beautiful women in Arabia but also in the world.



2- Queen Rania of Jordan

She is most dazzling Arab beauty who was called Queen after getting married with King of Jordan. She has been working for humanity in various fields such as education, cross-cultural dialogue, health, youth, micro-finance and community empowerment. She owns natural beauty and appealing looks that make her beauty queen too, that what enough to tag her name in the most beautiful Arab women.

Queen Rania of Jordan

1- Sofia El Marikh

She is both an entertainer and a musician. She is the most beautiful Arabian woman because of dazzling and stunning appeal. She has sung in different types including Arabic pop music, Arabic music, and simple pop and Moroccan music. She has received numerous praises due to her enduring interest in her career.

Sofia El Marikh

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