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Top Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

10. Philippines

Girls of Philippines are not only attractive due to their fairness but also due the attitude and style they have. Most number of winners of International Beauty Pageants belongs to this country. There is complete cuteness and sweetness on their faces.


 9. Netherland

Dutch women have average height of 5’7’’ and their blonde hairs make them the real fountain of beauty. They are so beautiful and stunning that anyone can fell in love even after first look. Their height and blonde hairs are basic reasons of their beauty.


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8. United States of America/Canada

Both countries are placed at same position on this list because of their same number of titles (total) in international beauty awards. Girls from both countries are fun-loving and have fashion sense. They completely get themselves well-maintained in every style and fashion.

United States of America/Canada


7. South Korea

South Korean girls are considered the most beautiful girls in the world. Their soft white skin and feminine body language, especially the dazzling eyes are very active. They have stunning figure and magnificent body that can not be describe in words.

South Korea

6. Italy

Brown-eyed Italian women is up to date with trending fashion. Their style and makeup they wear make their beauty so classy that no one can hold breathe. Their classy beauty makes them to stand on position 6 in this list.



5. Venezuela

Ladies of this country mark their position in top contestants in international beauty awards every year. Their tall and slim body make their figure attractive and dazzling. That’s why they have most award of international beauty contests.


4. Brazil

When people talk about the traditional beauty, Brazilian have their name there. Brazilian girls are well-aware of their traditions and how to carry themselves especially in their traditional and art festivals. There is no need of white body color for a Brazilian woman because people always stuck in the beauty of their eyes.


3. Ukraine

Russian girls are no less beautiful then Ukraine girls but Ukraine is listed above Russia because of much prettiness on the face of their girls. Slim body figure and blonde hairs with pretty face makes them so stunning that anyone can be forced to give them advantage over Russia in any beauty ranking.


2. Russia

Russian girls have mixture of eastern and western beauty. They look pretty in every eastern and western fashion trend. Their eyes say the reason of their beauty. They have tall bodies, blonde hairs and high cheekbones. That make them a real beauty queen.

1. Turkey

Turkish girls are listed number one in this list because of their stunning looks and their traditional fashion wear. This country also holds the tradition of western along with their classic and eastern traditions. This country holds glamor and charm in every girl. Their appealing look and cuteness make poets unanswerable to the question how to merge this beauty in single poem.



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